Firefly Animated

Peak TV means you can have more of almost anything you’ve ever watched before. How about salvaging a poorly reviewed, alt comedy box office dud from 2001 and turning it into an eight-episode streaming series? Netflix obliges. Or how about bringing back one of cinema’s great offbeat auteurs for a revival of his inexplicable, cult favorite television show from over a quarter century ago? Coming soon.

It’s probably safe to say that artist Stephen Byrne believes in this truism; he has a vision for an animated version of “Firefly,” the short-lived, much loved but still obscure sci-fi western TV show that ran (very) briefly about a decade and a half ago. He created this loving, dynamic, almost jubilant concept trailer and its thirty-odd seconds look so great you can’t help but want much, much more of it to exist. In this day and age, there doesn’t seem to be any good reason why it can’t.