Quantifying Netflix’s Catalog Quality

Back in May I wrote a post asking “Is Netflix Still Worth It?,” complaining that its catalog of high quality, interesting and surprising movies seemed to be diminishing all the time. All of that was subjective, but this week the site Streaming Observer has a more objective take on the question. They looked at the best ranked 250 movies at IMDb and cross-referenced that list with what is available from Netflix in the service’s top nine international markets. The results give us a much more concrete idea of something that has frustrated many customers for a while but only in vague terms. It’s especially eye-opening for those of us in the U.S. and the U.K., who are apparently suffering with the two lowest ranking catalogs of the group.

Chart of Titles from IMDb’s List of Top 250 Movies Carried by Netflix in Top Markets

Streaming Observer also has a comprehensive chart of exactly which markets carry each of the movies on IMDb’s list. See the full article and chart at streamingobserver.com.