Sneakers That Can Order Pizza for You

I’ve said this many times but the true lesson of the digital age thus far may be that “Anything can be advertised anywhere.” As technology becomes more pervasive and as our tolerance for advertising has become greater—or at least more passive—this may actually be changing to “Anything can be bought from anywhere,” at least if these ridiculous sneakers are any indication. Push the Bluetooth-enabled button on these so-called “Pie Tops” and a delicious(?) Pizza Hut pizza will be brought to your door. It’s a publicity-generating gimmick, yes, but the company is really producing a limited edition of sixty-four of these that will be distributed to media and “influencers”—though if you find yourself under the influence of someone who orders pizzas from his or her sneakers, you may want to reconsider your life choices. Also, congratulations to the designer of these shoes who should feel really proud of himself. Read more at