Things to Think About When Using Facebook

Eye of Providence

Technologist Vicki Boykis has done an incredible service to literally hundreds of millions of people everywhere by writing this clearly delineated and level-headed overview of the data that Facebook collects from you and the implications of that practice:

Facebook collects data about you in hundreds of ways, across numerous channels. It’s very hard to opt out, but by reading about what they collect, you can understand the risks of the platform and choose to be more restrictive with your Facebook usage.

One detail that Boykis highlights: Facebook captures your keystrokes before you post a status update, so that even if you don’t actually publish what you type into its status update box, your draft gets logged in its database anyway. Suffice it to say, you can’t ask for the removal of something that you don’t realize is there to begin with. The full contents of this post should disturb anyone who cares about his or her privacy. Read the full article at