How Nutella Replaced Human Creativity with an Algorithm

Earlier this year, Italian food conglomerate Ferrero used an algorithm to redesign the labels for its beloved sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread and sugar blast delivery mechanism Nutella. I know what you’re thinking: another example of data-driven “optimization” encroaching on the art of design. Well in some ways it’s actually worse news: rather than relying on an algorithm to create something soulessly efficient, Ferrero used the technology to generate an almost inconceivable variety of creative expression. The project combined dozens of different patterns and colors to create seven million individually unique Nutella labels for the Italian market which apparently sold like hotcakes—or at least, um, like a delicious spread that tastes great on hotcakes. The results are actually completely charming. I mean just look at these:

Unique Nutella Labels

We’re all doomed.

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