Movies Watched, June 2017

Still from “Wonder Woman”

Director Patty Jenkins’s “Wonder Woman,” which I saw in theaters, is one of those weirdly great movies—it’s not particularly artful but it nevertheless qualifies as a huge triumph. It has a scantly conceived plot, is rife with overdetermined exposition and fails to distinguish itself from the CG-heavy plasticity of Marvel movies. And yet, somehow it manages to be thrilling more than occasionally and suppressing your instinct to cheer for it as you watch it is nearly impossible. A lot of that is owed to the amazing Gal Gadot in the title role; she understands keenly the delicate balance of fierceness, earnestness and humor that is required of her. That woman is a star and more than anything, it’s Gadot’s performance that elevates this beyond the realm of schlock—and there are plenty of schlocky parts, to be sure.

I also saw “Cars 3”—a basically unnecessary new installment in a franchise that is not a favorite of serious Pixar fans. But you know what? It was totally enjoyable and a reminder that kids movies can be for kids—even mainly for kids. I liked it.

Here are all seventeen movies I watched in June:

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