Wireframe Episode 4: Why You’re Not Wearing AR Glasses

Two things that I highly recommend today: first, go vote. And make sure everyone you know at home and at work goes to vote, too. This essay from the legendary Roger Angel sums it up nicely: “What we can all do at this moment is vote.” Save it to Pocket or Instapaper so that you can read it while waiting in line to cast your ballot.

My second recommendation is: listen to episode four of “Wireframe,” out today. The title is “Good Design Is Why You’re Not Wearing AR Glasses,” and it digs into what role design plays in this new immersive technology. In it, you’ll meet a guy who’s been wearing a computer on his face since even before Google Glass made it cool!

If you’re not familiar with “Wireframe,” it’s a unique kind of design podcast, hosted by yours truly. Instead of merely interviewing well known designers, we dig into the world of interaction design via deeply researched reporting and engaging narratives. In other words, stories instead of résumés. You can read more in this blog post.