Wireframe on Ice: Live at On Air Fest

Photo from On Air Fest

If you’ve been waiting for the second season of “Wireframe,” the podcast I host in which we tell deeply researched stories about the world of design, well stay tuned, it’s in the works. Meanwhile, in a crazy development that both excites and terrifies me, I can now confirm that we’ll be performing a special live episode of the show at the beginning of next month.

This will happen the weekend starting Fri 1 Mar at the amazing On Air Fest in Brooklyn, New York, an utterly unique kind of conference that explores “storytelling and creativity in sound.” The lineup is pretty amazing, including the creators of “Radiolab,” “Crimetown,” author Roxanne Gay in conversation with Debbie Millman, Tina Brown with a live episode of her podcast TBD, journalist Jenna Wortham, and plenty of discussion about the world of podcasts and audio.

Our live episode will be all about designing the user experience of sound. It’ll take a look at voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, how we structure interactions for these kinds of products, and how sound and voice are emerging as a new kind of raw material for design. We’ll have recorded clips as well as a lively discussion amongst an in-person panel of designers who are working on the frontlines of this new territory.

The panel takes place on Sun, 3 Mar and you can read more about it at onairfest.com. Readers can get a 15% discount with the code “Subtraction19” when you buy your tickets here. You can also listen to all six episodes of “Wireframe” at gimletmedia.com, on iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts.