Bumpr Updated with Custom Rules, Browser Plug-ins and Keyboard Shortcuts

Bumpr Version 1.2.0

Longtime readers may remember that a little more than two years ago my friend Scott Ostler and I released a Mac app called Bumpr. Well today we have a major update in the App Store. Before I go into what’s new, here’s a refresher: Bumpr is a simple utility that lets you click on any web link and choose which browser to open it with, on the fly. It looks like this:

Bumpr Interface

Tons of Bumpr users have told us that, like me, they’ve come to rely on it for the power to choose their favorite browsers and email apps every day, dozens of times a day. I still use it religiously, and it’s among the first two or three things I install on any new Mac.

Today’s release brings a few new features that lots of users have been asking for. The first is the ability to define custom rules for your favorite domains so that they always open up in specific browsers, so you can always open your favorite sites where you want them.

Custom Browser Rules in Bumpr

The second major feature is extensions for Safari and Chrome, which now gives you Bumpr functionality as you surf the web. Once installed in either browser, you can either click on the new Bumpr toolbar icon to open the current page in any other browser, or you can right-click on any link to do the same. This makes Bumpr even handier for controlling the flow of what you see and where.

Bumpr Extensions for Safari and Chrome

This upgrade is free for all current owners of Bumpr. If you haven’t tried it yet, we’re having a special sale right now: Bumpr is thirty percent off at just US$3.99. This new version is in the App Store right now. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t know how you got along without it before.