A New Year’s Toast to Augmented Reality An exclusive post from the Subtraction.com newsletter

My very first post of this new year takes a look at something that happened to me on the very last day of last year: a genuine, real world encounter with augmented reality.

Speaking of last year, towards the latter third of it I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with my writing for this blog. For a while there I was traveling constantly for work, and then there were serious complications in my family life, and then the holidays came barreling along.

Of course anyone who maintains a blog (does anyone really do that anymore?) considers shutting it down at some point. I did consider that, and I may still yet decide to bring this long, rambling run to an end. But one thing I know is that even when I didn’t have the time or energy to actually sit down and write blog posts, I was still coming up with story ideas and mentally composing them in my head. I mean, most of them weren’t worth the paper they never got written down on, but they kept coming. That’s a good a sign as any, I think, that I ought to keep doing this. Hopefully more often than I have been, too.

Happy new year!