Last Year in Movies, from Tokyo An exclusive post from the newsletter

It’s early morning in Tokyo as I write this. I’m here for an event called Why Design Tokyo, a gathering of designers and speakers from the UX community.

This is actually my first time in Japan, I’m a little embarrassed to say. I’ve long wanted to come here to see the country’s incredible design culture for myself, and I haven’t been disappointed. The care and attention to detail that Japanese design is known for the world over is very much in evidence here. I’ll be writing about that more in the coming days.

Unfortunately it’ll be a short stay, as my flight back leaves Tuesday morning. The cheapest ticket I could find went the “other” way round, and so from New York I had to fly through Amsterdam to get here. The whole journey took about twenty-two hours. Brutal. The upside of it, though, was that I was finally able to write my year-end roundup of movies from 2018. Enjoy!