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Okay, iPhone cases are not for everyone, I know that, even when they’re as ridiculously handsome as the Tech 21 Liberty cases I wrote about today. Seriously, check out the full collection, and then, if you weren’t already familiar with them, check out the aesthetic wealth that is the world of Liberty prints. Designers like us—product designers, or UX designers, or interaction designers, or whatever—hardly ever talk about textile design, but there is so much wonderful stuff there.

Anyway, back to phones. If you don’t have a case on your iPhone, please just answer me this: is a broken iPhone more aesthetically pleasing to you than an iPhone in a case? Because almost invariably, the iPhones that I see without cases sport cracked fronts or backs or mangled corners, or sometimes the screens themselves don’t even fully work. Is that okay with you? What are you thinking?!

Honestly confused in New York,