Remembering Newspaper Design An exclusive post from the newsletter

I don’t think about news design much these days, but I did on the occasion of today’s post, which is about the excellent work being done all around for The New York Times for Kids. Once a month, that section’s designers essentially reinterpret the whole idea of news presentation for a new generation of young people. It’s a reminder that the form still has some life to it.

It also reminded me that in our focus on the digital world and the immediacy and prevalence of product design, we may be overlooking some of the great work being done in print. The example that comes to mind immediately is the work of the Italian designer Francesco Franchi. Currently deputy creative director at La Reppublica, he previously did amazing work at IL, the magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE, much of which was documented in this amazing book. His first book, “Designing News: Changing the World of Editorial Design and Information Graphics,” is also well worth its weight. Every designer should be have these on their shelf.

Cheers from New York,