Vacation Haze An exclusive post from the newsletter

I’m writing this from within the fog of a holiday, when one’s brain is fuzzy from long hours spent at leisure and an overindulgence in napping. When I hit publish on this post, another roundup of watched movies, I realized that I hadn’t written hardly anything on this blog at all in June. Oops. There’s a blog post in that, actually, about the extreme self-delusion that’s necessary to continue to write and publish a blog at this late date, when the form is long past redundant. I’ve been thinking about writing that for some time now, and maybe when I’m fully recuperated I’ll be able to hammer it out. In the meantime, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re able to get away soon for the a bit of rest and relaxation yourself; we’re halfway through 2018 already.

Cheers from Cape Cod,