Family Valueless

Sesame Street intends to add an HIV-positive puppet character to its South African broadcast, in an attempt to help spread understanding in this AIDS-ravaged country. Like a pack of ignorant, reactionary panderers, five Republicans from the House Commerce Committee have threatened to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the face of this small-scale humanitarian gesture — I guess because it offends their narrow-minded and stereotypical view of AIDS relief of any kind as an endorsement of homosexuality. These people are fanatical right-wingers and are effectively working to undermine basic human compassion. Though the Republicans have apparently been placated, it’s discouraging the way that their brand of reckless idiocy can gain attention — and that the world doesn’t bristle with disgust at it. Those who are offended should write polite but strongly-worded letters of protest to your Congressperson or directly to Committe Chairman Rep. W.J. Tauzin (R-LA).