Flash’s Fonts Fussiness

Font FunFlash drives me crazy sometimes. For a project we’re working on at Behavior, we need to use a clean, pixelated font, like Verdana, behind a mask, but for some reason Flash loves to anti-alias — and thus blur — any typefaces that deign to appear within a mask. Ugh.So I’ve been researching all kinds of alternative fonts, including FontsForFlash.com and even scouring, link by link, Luc Devroye’s comprehensive listing. The ones that work best in Flash are often beautiful but too small for the business audience that this project is targeting. (At any rate, I’ve come across some rich typographic resources, like Typophile). I’ve even considered creating a proprietary font for this project, and I reinstalled my seven-year old copy of Fontographer, but even with the help of this really great tutorial from Atomic Media, I’m too amateurish a typographer to figure out all the tricks needed to create fonts suitable for the ridiculously picky Flash rendering engine. It should be easier than this.