Long in the ’Tooth

Apart from the initial wow factor of having my Mac OS X Address Book more or less instantly synchronized with my new Sony Ericsson T608 via Bluetooth, I’m not entirely sure I’m completely pleased with this new purchase.

There’s the shortcomings of Apple’s iSync, of course, such as a lack of a report detailing what happens — what changed and what didn’t — each time I perform a sync. The process is slow, too, and to avoid having to manually update the changed contacts on the phone, I pretty much have to do a complete synchronization, wherein every contact is reviewed by iSync; it’s a slow process.But mostly, I’m disappointed in the T608’s poor user interface. As this review suggests, it’s less responsive than your average mobile phone — ‘pokey’ is an accurate description. There are brief delays between the pressing of a button and the interface’s reaction.

The phone᾿s contact manager, too, is a bust. Though it allows me to quickly skip to, say, all contacts that begin with an ‘S,’ I’m forced to manually scroll through all of them to find a name like, say, “Szekely.” With about 400 names in my list, this is a real pain. What’s more, there is, for some odd reason, a separation between the management of contacts and the management of speed dial numbers — to change a contact’s speed dial from, say, 20 to 21, you don’t go to that person’s listing in the contact manager at all, but rather to a listing of all the speed dial numbers.

When it comes down to it, though, Bluetooth synchronization is such a big plus, it’s hard to say that any of these shortcomings are deal-breakers. Or, I should say, I’m willing to put up with quite a bit in order to get Bluetooth.



  1. I am jealous. I bought a Nokia 6820b with Bluetooth. Only to later find that Apple’s iSync does not support this particular Nokia phone. My fault for assuming that Nokia & Apple always worked perfectly together. I can get on the internet with bluetooth and transfer files to it. Just not iSync.

  2. I just bought one of these phones off E-Bay, just to avoid having to manually re-enter all my contacts – my old phone having been ripped off.

    Yes, it’s pokey. The screen is freakin’ invisible in bright light.

    But syncing is SO worth it. And this is the ONLY Bluetooth CDMA phone that’s currently semi-available.

  3. Yeah, the interface leaves a lot to be desired but the firmware is hackable. You can get these thing running on Verizon’s network. Oh, and when you do, your phone will still connect to the Sprint network… free of charge!

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