Cape from New York

Cape CodWe’ve been in Cape Cod since late Thursday night, my girlfriend, my dog and me, having left New York City and driven north for a long weekend. It’s gorgeous here to begin with, but we’ve had sterling weather on top of it: cool enough to be comfortable, but warm enough to swim off the modest shores of the Cape. There’s a huge lawn behind the converted barnhouse where we’re staying, and we’ve been spending a lot of time lounging on it, enjoying the quiet and watching the dog delight in running around it like mad. At night you can see all the stars looking down at the Earth, not just the ones bright enough to make it through a city’s diffusion. I’m sure there must be some way to live like this all year long.

Right: Salty dog. Less than five minutes from our house for the weekend and along a small stretch of abandoned train tracks, you can find this serene little pond. Mister President likes it just fine.
Salty Dog



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