SVA: Interview with Nicholas Felton


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Courtesy of the school’s Masters in Interaction Design program, an interview with the well-known creative mind behind The Feltron Annual Report. In this dialogue, he touches on the problem of the designer as an author: “In a larger sense, the Annual Reports are an outgrowth of a search for content to use as a source for design. As long as I’ve been a designer, I’ve searched for ways to design personal content.”

On 11 Mar, Felton will be appearing on a blockbuster bill of fellow speakers — Jen Bekman, Rebekah Hodgson and Jason Kottke are the others — at one of the program’s well-attended Dot Dot Dot lectures in New York. If you’re looking to go back to school or to deepen your expertise in interaction design and you’re not already considering this program, you should be.