Society of News Designers: The World’s Five Best Designed Newspapers


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Four newspapers from Europe and one from Mexico take prizes in this prestigious, thirtieth annual creative competition. Some of the sample layouts from the winners (seen most easily in the embedded slideshow at the bottom of this page) are gorgeous; most are highly illustrative, and many are so visually ornate that they’re almost indistinguishable from magazine design. For me, they make for such interesting — and enjoyable — contrasts with the relatively austere aesthetic of The New York Times.

In other news, this year’s best designed horse-and-buggies should be announced soon. Kidding! Oof, I’m in trouble.

  1. Thanks for the link Khoi. It’s a breath of fresh air to see newspapers focus more on displaying information visually. I’m not sure if GOOD still does their Thursday freebie handouts at Starbucks, but those were quite interesting and reflect this somewhat recent trend in newspaper content design.

  2. For my money The Guardian is consistently the best designed newspaper these days. Those spectacular huge single photos, austere layouts and the bravely weird headline leadings — consistently breathtaking. Online version excellent too.

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