1. I think the name is more of a catch all term to get more attention than any lack of taste on the author’s part. A few of them are technically good but have a ridiculous concept, therefore making them bad.

  2. — More like, “The Most Awesome-est Drop Shadows on Photos EVER!”

    I agree with you, Khoi. Some of these are remarkable…. while others are an obvious joke, deeply disturbing, or outright hilarious.

    Interesting link nonetheless.


  3. hilarious. how about the one in front of the white house, helllooooo??!!! maybe “paintings with a terrible likeness to obama but are still better than what i’ve ever done”? no matter – thanks, this reminds me i still want to try to knock out copies of those sugar cookies decorated to look like him and michelle i saw around inauguration day. bad enough to eat.

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