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Fun fact: page A20 of today’s New York Times features an illustration that I did for the letters column. It’s my first illustration to appear in the paper — not that I really consider myself an illustrator, but I did study the trade at art school, so I’m pretty happy when I can provide some resolution to those hopeful early years of dreaming about appearing in the Times. This piece accompanies reader letters responding to an article that ran on 18 Mar about jurors triggering mistrials through unauthorized use of search and social media. It’s a simple idea executed as simply as I could manage.

The New York Times, Page A20

Also, thanks to the magic of the Web, the illustration is also available in color over at

  1. Wow. I was just closing down earlier today when I saw this illustration and it actually made me retype the url just to see it again. Very interesting — glad to see you’re behind it!

  2. I came across your website a few years ago and I’ve always been impressed that you’ve maintained the elegant design–there’s none like it. Very inspiring indeed. is my favorite website, not so much for reading stuff in it, but more the layout of the site itself–just beautiful; even the ads throughout are unobstrusive.

    Fitting illustration by the way!

  3. dont forget to send in your $175 invoice to jeff syms… or whoever is leading the accts payable dept. actually wait, the op ed is different. you’ll be paid in no time!

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