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A timeline comparing Pepsi-Cola versus Coca-Cola logotypes. The contrast speaks volumes about the wisdom — or lack thereof — of change for change’s sake, and reflects my general position on branding. Via Swiss Miss.

  1. While an impressive graphic comparison, I can’t say that it means a whole lot. Who cares if Coke’s logo (surely Coke has evolved graphically elsewhere) has stayed the same while Pepsi has evolved?

    I still drink Pepsi, as do many people. There’s no real evidence as to which “strategy” is more valuable.

  2. I believe this chart is an oversimplification. For instance, this post on cocacolaloft shows that Coke’s logo has in fact evolved:

    As to your point, Khoi, about change for change’s sake… While change for change’s sake is often bad, not all change is change for change’s sake. Change can be made as design improvements. I would argue that the Pepsi logo has improved since the first iteration on that chart.

    In the end, I’ve got to agree with Ben Carlson… this chart doesn’t say much of anything.

  3. Armin Vit over at Brand New is presenting a much fuller story in his article, Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Revised Edition.

    Yes, their is a point to be made about consistency, but Coca-Cola is not exactly the golden child having performed their on brand experiments late in the century on top of the experimentation of their early years. Better than most, perhaps.

    Purely consistent, certainly not.

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