Reference Guide on Netflix’s Freedom & Responsibility Culture


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“This slide deck is our current best thinking about maximizing our likelihood of continued success.” A massive, ambitious and remarkably thoughtful corporate manifesto on the culture and business that Netflix is building. At one-hundred and twenty-eight slides, its main fault is perhaps that it’s too long to consume easily, but every slide seems worthwhile. This, to me, is further evidence that Netflix is quietly building one of the best brands of the next decade, and that it will soon become as readily referenced as Apple on lists of most admired businesses. Raise your hand if you wish your company would adopt these same principles. Via TechCrunch

  1. Only partway through, and already inspired by what I’ve seen so far. Real corporate values, and real expectations for their employees…pretty heady stuff.

  2. i’d be interested in knowing how they plan to implement this. i imagine that netflix has a large staff of salaried employees in more than one office. i’d also be interested in an employee’s view of the actual work environment. does it feel as progressive as the this slideshow makes it seem?

    i’m skeptical. their example of enron’s value statement shows that what company states its values are doesn’t necessarily reflect what the company actually does. just because netflix says it encourages these things, doesn’t mean it really will attempt to create a work environment that embodies the ideas exhibited in this slide show.

    maybe i’m just cynical.

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