Indie Game Design Dos and Don’ts


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A twenty-four point manifesto for independent video game designers and developers. While some points may come across asаbromides, the whole thing is written with enough conviction to be a compelling read — and while aimed at one particular kind of designer, it’s applicable to designers of all kinds.

For a kick, also see this contrarian comment posted by one reader. Excerpt: “‘Fun’ is a word with a lot of bad connotations for me.” That’s what you call a hater.

  1. Happiness doesn’t enter into it in the long haul, I think. Neither does fun. The process starts out that way, sure, but you can’t keep that up for months on end. Better advice would be that when you start feeling like what you’re doing has become yet another job that must be done, remember how you felt about it when you began and hope the players will experience the same when you’re finished. Do not quit.

  2. ‘Fulfillment’ might be a more appropriate word than ‘fun’ or ‘happiness’. I think that’s what “the contrarian” was going for.

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