The Secret History of Kubrick


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As the semi-famous default theme for WordPress faces retirement later this year, The Huffington Post takes a look at how it came to be. It’s nice to see its designer, Michael Heilemann, get the credit, but the writer may go a little too far in playing up its importance:

“When Heilemann came to blogging, the Internet was studded with posts that were essentially diary entries, blocks of text with the occasional awkwardly situated photograph. The template he came up with was entirely different — at once elegant and open to innovation. Since its debut, Kubrick has helped change the face of cyberspace…”

  1. Yep, I thought the same thing when reading this article. Not to denigrate the Kubrick theme at all, but it is what it is: a reasonable default template. Nothing more and nothing less.

    I felt that article could have been reduced to about three paragraphs and would have achieved the same amount of good.

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