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One of those heartwarming human interest stories that’s completely invulnerable to cynicism.

“In 1998, aged just 14, aspiring young cartoonist Amir Avni decided to get in touch with the creator of Ren & Stimpy, John Kricfalusi. Being a hardcore fan of Kricfalusi’s work, Amir sent him an introductory letter along with a few cartoons he’d drawn, some of which contained relatively unknown characters of John’s. To call Kricfalusi’s response ‘generous’ would be an understatement…”

The letter itself, hand-written and partly hand-drawn, practically hums with warmth; see it in its entirety here. Also, if you’re not reading Kricfalusi’s blog — even if you’re nothing more than a casual admirer of cartoon animation — then you’re denying yourself regular insights into the mind of true artist.

  1. I have a friend who did something similar with John K as well. Wrote him a casual fan letter, and John replied back with a nice little hand drawn sketch and invite to his spumco birthday bbq at his home in Ottawa that weekend. My friend and his gf went up there and spent the entire weekend at his house. He has amazing photos of John cooking breakfast for them and pics of his home studio and archives that will blow you away. That was about 7yrs ago, and i believe they still keep in touch.

  2. I’m reminded of Conan’s words from his last show:

    “Work hard and be kind.”

    And hearing Conan talk about cynicism reminded my of something Cameron Crow and John Cusak talk about in the commentary track on Say Anything,words to the effect that Lloyd’s outlook comes from a place of deeply held belief in optimism as a revolutionary force.

    And so I say to all the kind people out there,


  3. It seems strange and almost inappropriate to hold something like that clip of Conan to such high stature, but I think we all realize how rare it is for people with such popularity (whether they want it or not) to really utilize that popularity and revolutionize the human race.

    I didn’t see any other part of Conan’s final show except his cynicism segment and I’m almost glad that will be my concluding memory of him on the Tonight Show. It was just so touching and untainted. What a guy.

    Keep these links coming Khoi, you continue to make my day.

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