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“A painstakingly curated presentation of the best produced and designed iPhone applications…my goal is for this site to showcase new and emerging talent, current talent and represent the best of the best applications for the iPhone for design-minded folk.”

As the sheer volume of available iPhone apps grows beyond crazy huge into the stratospherically absurd realm, I think we’ll see more and more third-party attempts to make sense of the volume, both through hand-picked methods like this one and other, more automated means.

  1. Check it out: has some great apps there and they’re different than the typical ones on the top 10 lists. Thanks for the link Khoi and I love the minimalism of your design atheistic.

  2. thanks for the write up on my site! to your point I agree and am thinking on a about the best way to design/code a more scalable yet elegant design in future… the app store needs alot of work to enable the best apps (not just the MOST popular) to be discovered. again thanks for the link and comments truly!

  3. along with are two sites that showcase the design side of app making. I fully appreciate the help they have both given ustwo in showcasing the effort we put into our apps. So A massive thumbs up from me on seeing this site get attention from a site like Subtraction.

  4. Ya, whoever decided to put information in the footer of this website bit themselves in the butt.

    Try to read the footer, you’ll play catch with it 20 times at least the page keeps loading more posts.

  5. hi, i thought i would answer some questions about the site…

    @ issac, the i is to represent iphone or iapps… its intentionally spelled wrong as a nod to apple and the ‘i’ prefix…

    @ malcom there is nothing on the footer other then copyright materials, all relevant details are in the header… its all about the apps 😉


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