Boston Bound

This coming Wednesday, I’ll be giving the 36th Annual William A. Dwiggins Lecture in Boston, Massachusetts for The Society of Printers. It’s an unbelievably humbling honor, as past speakers for this event have included Milton Glaser, Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter and Sumner Stone, among other luminaries. Gulp.

If you’re in the Boston area, I hope you can make it, especially as the event is in fact free, with a reception following the lecture, to boot. Details follow after the jump, excerpted from the poster.

  1. It’s too bad I’m still not in Boston, as I would have loved to see you speak again, but I just emailed my former Boston University professors about the lecture and hopefully some of the current design students will be able to attend.

  2. I will be there. I am so stoked. I am skipping the annual Senior-Faculty Banquet at Simmons College to attend this event. I am also trying to prepare a good question to ask Khoi.

  3. Khoi,

    What font are you using in this poster? Something in the same vein as Klavika and Apex, but it’s neither of them. It looks so familiar and it’s killing me that I can’t figure it out.


  4. Ah, Eric, great question. That’s Greg Lindy’s Section, available over at Village. I actually also own Apex (Serif) and have used that in the past, but Section is my new favorite.

    Thanks for the kind words everybody. Hope to see you there.

  5. Be true to the medium.
    Go Native.

    Woke up this morning with that in my head. Great talk last night and thanks for the insight into your process and methods of communication. Very helpful.

  6. Really enjoyed the talk last night, especially the more theoretical business of grids and bricks and the future of print. For the non-designers in the crowd like myself, a lot of the basics you guys covered in design school never got into our heads. Thanks so much for making the trip up, and, of course, for the guided pixel tour.

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