Print Magazine: Everything You Need to Know about Adobe Creative Suite 5


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Patric King, from House of Pretty, reviews the newly announced upgrade to Adobe’s anchor suite.

“On one level, I like a lot of the new features, and they will actually save me time in the day-to-day workflow. On the other hand, I am still frustrated by its lack of consistency between interfaces, despite that being the primary point of CS4.”

I’m afraid this will always be the case with these major releases from Adobe; Creative Suite just can’t seem to shake its major inconsistencies, no matter how the company tries and no matter how much we wish it would succeed. Read the full review here.

A mildly interesting side note: a Twitter query that I posted today unscientifically confirms the generally held suspicion that many designers have adopted an ‘every other release’ approach to Adobe Creative Suite. Most respondents are considering an upgrade from CS3 (which is what I’m using myself right now), having skipped over CS4.

  1. It’s not just the interface issues I worry about. Everyone I know who has upgraded to CS4 has nothing but problems with the app crashing, freezing, or both. While the new features intrigue me is it worth the hassle of trying to use even bigger bloatware?

  2. I agree with Greg. While CS4 is actually more stable for me than CS3 was, I know lots of folks who had the opposite experience. And I was the beneficiary of a corporate upgrade. Can’t say I’d have risked my own bucks on the upgrade, given past problems. I use Adobe products daily, but I’m never an early adopter on my own dollar. And it *does* really seem like they should have gotten an interface standardized by now.

    I’m blown away by some of the vids I’ve seen of the new stuff, but I just have to wait until I’ve had a chance to read whatever crash reports come out.

  3. Same here. We skip an update. Skipped CS2, skipped CS4 and we’ll buy CS5 *even though* it’s twice as expensive outside the US… sigh… It’s the only way to make it affordable.

  4. Always something new and “better”. Personally I think I will stick with CS4 since it works great for me rather than risk a nightmare with upgrading to CS5….maybe buy CS6 🙂

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