Basic Maths Updated

Over a year ago my friend Allan Cole and I released Basic Maths, our theme for WordPress, which was an instant hit. This week we’re releasing a new update — Basic Maths 1.1.

This new version includes a slew of significant enhancements, including: full compatibility with WordPress 3.0, easier logo customization, improved CSS support for embedded video, smarter conditional logic for widgets and article-to-article navigation and more. Read more about it or buy your copy at the official site.

Maybe the coolest part of Basic Maths 1.1 is the brand new, iPhone-friendly view. Any user viewing a site running this newest version of our theme will see a mobile-optimized presentation of the exact same content. As a blog publisher, the only configuration you have to do is — nothing. It all happens automatically.


Basic Maths 1.1 is still priced at just US$45. I just want to reiterate what a bargain that is compared to premium themes sold elsewhere. I’d argue that the attention, care and through-and-through design quality built into Basic Maths is well above that for most other premium themes, and at a much lower cost. You can buy your copy here.

Our WordPress theme, Basic Maths.
Basic Maths

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the new marketing page that we designed for this version — simpler and more straightforward than the old page, but more visually arresting at the same time. The design is collaboration I did with my friends Paul Lau and Lacy Garrison.

  1. ‘Through and thorugh design quality’ being the operative words. This really is a stunning design and in the year since it appeared, I’ve seen nothing to match it. Have you thought about releasing a Drupal version?

    Additionally, do you plan any other sorties into theme sales?

  2. Thanks for making the update free to recent buyers, I absolutely love the custom logo option, previously I had to mess with some html but now its a pure joy. More importantly, thanks for making this theme have “Child Support” I had some mods(php) in the previous version which broke on the new version but my developer was able to customize everything on the child theme so that if you guys update it once again, the modifications won’t be affected. Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    Khoi, one thing I would like to suggest is “Full Width post with no sidebars”, that would be glorious, being to post a full width image would give the BM another boost, you’ve managed to do that here in Subtraction quite nicely and it would cool to have such a post option for Basic Maths.

    Dr. L

    Cheers and here’s to the continued development of Basic Maths

  3. I upgraded to this version recently and I’ve never been happier. The inclusion of custom header logos with the automagically formatted iPhone-friendly version upgrades this theme from ‘awesome’ to ‘RAD’.

  4. Agreed with Nigel above, I’ve toyed with the idea of porting this theme to Drupal by myself, but lacked the time to go further. I would pay for a Drupal 7 version in a heartbeat.

  5. I am working on a site for a company. He wants it to look just like your front page here on Subtractions. I am working from a local server and not from a web based host.

    I have the front page fairly close (even put the dog up for now.

    But then the Upgrade came along.

    I just want to keep what I have already done, yet be able to access some of the new features like the improved menu bar etc.

    How do I integrate them?

    I’m lost. Granted I have never done this except for a wordpress site I put up, but it is hosted thru bluehost, and its fairly easy to upgrade etc.

    I have read over the documentation, about the child themes, etc.

    Maybe the upgrade is not possible with what I have done? I told the guy that has given me this project that your subtraction is on expression engine ( i read that someplace in here) but he doesn’t care. He just wants it to look like subtraction….

    Any pointers in right direction would be appreciated. I have left my email address here.

    Even if I were to start over with the upgraded version, the files seem very different from my current version.

    C. O’Keefe

  6. Love the iPhone views — any plans to expand that to android based smartphones? Should be fairly straightforward since both are webkit browsers.

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