1. This is EXACTLY what the beach looked like in Italy where we went this summer…! Hard to get a space, even with a tip to the beach concierges. (Or was it that we arrived with two kids, and five large neon-colored inflatable beach toys?)

    Massimo’s work, large in scale I might add, does have an appealing palette and an aesthetic which renders that blasting bright sunlight palpable. Italian crowds aside, when it comes to colorful beach scenes, I am even more fond of the Monet-esque approach Christian Chaize brings to his photographs of a single cove in Portugal. Have you seen those? 🙂 Okay, I’m your almost-sister-in-law, as well as Christian’s agent, but since Massimo’s name is often mentioned when his work is shown, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do the reverse! Though usually a compliment, this comparison, the point is that there is room for many perspectives on the beach – or crowd – experience. (Some are about beaches, some are about crowds, some are about color, some about time, light, nature, cultures, habits, memories, etc….not to forget bikinis and greasy muscles.)

    Finally, and more importantly, thanks for the introduction to Simon Hoegsberg’s project; I’d never seen that. Love it.

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