Editorial Designer Francesco Franchi


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I’ve come across the work of this Italian editorial designer a few times, and each time I stop whatever I’m doing and marvel. His work for the Italian magazine Intelligence in Lifestyle is preternaturally precise, rich and bold.

Helpfully for those of us who would be students of his work, a trove of Franchi’s samples can be found over at his Flickr stream.

  1. I agree. On top of the gorgeous infographics, Mr. Franchi has an incredible knack of packing in a lot of data into seamless layouts that are a pleasure to read. I’ve borrowed some of his ideas in my own work.

  2. Wonderful. You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the train speed graphic, because I can not locate it among the 696 pics in his stream?

  3. Great stuff; reminds of the stuff that’s being done for ‘good’ magazine, but mixed with that italian flair from ‘Colors’ magazine. Nice post.

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