Predictions for 2011 from the Year 1931


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“Way back on September 13, 1931, The New York Times, founded in 1851, decided to celebrate its 80th anniversary by asking a few of the day’s visionaries about their predictions of 2011 — 80 years in their future. Those assembled were big names for 1931: physician and Mayo Clinic co-founder W. J. Mayo, famed industrialist Henry Ford, anatomist and anthropologist Arthur Keith, physicist and Nobel laureate Arthur Compton, chemist Willis R. Whitney, physicist and Nobel laureate Robert Millikan, physicist and chemist Michael Pupin, and sociologist William F. Ogburn.”

  1. Good prediction on specialization of medicine. It’s is very interesting. Specialization has its good points but I also feel it has bad points such going to 3 to 4 different doctors to figure what the hell is wrong with you. More expensive and time consuming..pray they figure it out as well..

    I think there is a correlation with web design with this topic where it is also getting specialized in different areas. Modular and it’s going to have it’s good pts and bad. will see.

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