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Magazine designer and enthusiast Jeremy Leslie is pessimistic about the iPad’s prospects for reviving the magazine form:

“The main issue is that readers — paying or not — aren’t engaging with overtly magazine-like apps. There’s a simple reason for this: printed magazines work better in every way. They are a simple one-off purchase that can be used (both in a navigating and reading sense) anywhere. They are lightweight, easily shared and disposable. You’ve heard the arguments plenty of times but this first year of apps have done nothing to weaken them. Why would you buy an app when it only repeats the printed magazine?”

Obviously, I agree.

  1. Or maybe I’ll buy the app because I can get up from the bed, have a coffee and read everything in no time, I can have even video news or some sort of interactive content. With the printed, get dressed got to the first shop, buy it, remember to take it with…and so on. Another thing will be the fact that maybe after 2 months I want to look again after an old article, with the app it’s seconds away, with the printed – good luck finding it 🙂

    And that’s a brief of tens of advantages…

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