Listgeeks Interviews Yours Truly

Listgeeks is a recently launched social list-making application that lets anyone create a list about anything, and every list can in turn be re-edited into new lists by other users. Listgeeks has its work cut out for it, as lists and list-making are an increasingly crowded space — see Top10,, Listverse and others — but Listgeeks has, at least, a beautiful, spare aesthetic.

That’s probably no accident, as its founders seem clearly interested in design in general. To help launch the product, they’ve conducted a series of interviews with an eclectic gallery of creative folks including illustrator and author Christoph Niemann, Flip Flop Flyin’ artist and illustrator Craig Robinson and several others.

This morning they’ve published a short interview with yours truly . You can read it here and have a look at the lists I’ve made — and even re-edit them — over on my Listgeeks page.



  1. Yeah, there do seem to be quite a few of this list sites, but this one stands out – thanks for the tip!

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