Fabrix Black Satchel


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There are nerds and there are dressers, and supposedly never the twain shall meet. Virtually every attempt at computer stuff-as-fashion results in just plain ugly, and just about every expression of fashion-as-computer stuff is unusable or impractical, but I don’t really see why that has to be so. It shouldn’t be that hard to create utilitarian and beautiful computing accessories.

Singaporean accessory maker Fabrix are trying to do just that. They’ve just announced their Black Satchel briefcase-style laptop bag intended specifically for the MacBook Air, and it’s a looker.

Fabrix Black Satchel

It’s still not quite the case that I would buy in an instant if I could have any case I could imagine, but it’s closer than anything I’ve seen before. Get yours here.



  1. I was so frustrated at the lack of quality options for cases that I ended up going to Etsy, and am pretty happy with the decision. There are a lot of options there, and being able to have a conversation with a designer to execute your vision might be the ideal.

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