I generally try to avoid foisting my own preoccupations on my daughter, as I think such habits are a great way to guarantee her resentment when she’s older. Still, I found myself lobbying for her to dress up as Batgirl for Halloween this year, and my girlfriend indulged me.

Don’t be fooled though; this is no store-bought get-up. Laura made this costume — including the ears! — almost entirely from scratch. The only pre-fabricated item was the tights, which came from American Apparel. Yes, American Apparel makes shiny spandex tights for kids.



  1. She is one adorable kid and you are one talented lady….I can’t even sew buttons back on my kids clothes.

  2. Thanks to reader Michael Fink of Melbourne, Australia, who was kind enough to color correct this photo for me. I had originally posted an uncorrected shot and it looked kind of blah and he made it look 10X better.

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