A Short Film About Me

Last year director Raafi Rivero of The Color Machine asked me over email if I would be interested in being the subject of a short film project. By way of an example, he showed me this beautiful short that he had made about cinematographer Bradford Young. Flattered, I said yes, and not long afterwards he and a small crew filmed an interview with me in the beautifully arcane MEx Building, located on a still-ungentrified stretch of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

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The film was always a side project, so it took Raafi some time to get it finished, but he’s released to the public this week. You can see it here below or at this link on Vimeo. It’s me talking, of course, but the film is really Raafi’s creation.I didn’t ask for nor did I get the ‘final cut,’ as I think they say in the business, so Raafi gets all the credit for doing a terrific job making me look smarter and more profound than I really am. The fact that it’s about me aside, I think it’s pretty great.



  1. I love this film and the clarity of your vision. I’d question whether you’re really trying to remove the cloudiness of emotions, or whether you’ve merely focused on grids as a tool for emphasizing the most important emotions in an experience. 🙂

  2. Nice! I love that the credits and overlay graphics mimic the subtraction.com grid design 🙂 Also, watched it on my iPad. Love vimeo.

    Can’t wait to hear more about this venture of yours, Khoi!

  3. The “emotional cloudiness” response came to the question, “what are you fighting against?” But like Anil mentioned, there seems to be a natural tension in the nature of attempting to do something like that. Everything else is structured around how to make sense of that statement and it was fun trying to figure that out.

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