Domus: Paola Antonelli on Contemporary Type Design


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A terrific overview of contemporary type design written by MoMA design and architecture curator Paola Antonelli. Antonelli believes that “font design might just be the most advanced form of design existing today,” which I agree with, but she says “Verdana is a paragon for a perfectly executed functionalist typeface,” which I disagree with. Still, it’s a great article. Read it here.

  1. Good article.

    I’m curious to hear more about your take on Verdana.

    I’m not sure it’s a “paragon”, but I’ve always thought of it as an excellent functional typeface: it disregards a lot of classical proportions in favor of a high x-height, open counters, and wide and unambiguous letters. And it has amazing hinting.

  2. yeah, that is at least the 3rd time you negatively commented about Verdana (at least by my count).

    it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing typeface, but i can only imagine millions of users who _didn’t_ go blind on the count of web designers using 10px Verdana (instead of some other, more “fancy” font designed for print).

    so, why exactly do you “hate” it so much.. 😉

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