Me at Forty x Forty


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Over the weekend I turned forty. Actually, not long before that I was twenty years old, and then all of a sudden it was Saturday night and I was celebrating four decades on this planet.

Forty is a kind of milestone no matter what. But it was extra special for me because I got an amazing gift. Laura corralled several dozen of my friends to each draw, paint, photograph, collage or diagram portraits of me. She pulled this off conspiratorially, so I had no idea at all that this nontrivial creative project was happening behind my back for almost two months. When she presented it to me Saturday, at a birthday dinner with some friends, I was utterly shocked. You can see the portraits over here.


Please indulge a little bit of sentimentality here, because I was overcome with emotion as I flipped through the pages. It reminded me that I have amazing people in my life, and how lucky I am in that respect. It also reminded me that somehow, in spite of nearly four decades of clumsily ambling my way around this planet, I managed to find the right person to spend my life with. Being reminded of that fact was the best possible gift I could have gotten.



  1. I took one look at that flowchart without looking at the caption and thought, “That has Chris Fahey written ALL OVER IT.” Yeah. Glad to see that I still know you guys.

    Happy Birthday, Khoi! It’s an amazing present to be handed on your 40th Birthday. Laura is a great partner who knows you well 🙂

  2. What a treat to see all of that work dedicated to you Khoi! What a wonderful gift. Happy Birthday, old friend! And this time emphasis is on old.

    j/k I am not far behind you!

  3. What a great way to honor your 40 years and so thoughtful of your wife. I will have to steal this idea for a loved one. Happy Day You Were Born!

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