Why You Should Move That Button 3px to the Left


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Over at the newish blog Design Staff, Braden Kowitz makes a cogent case for why fit-and-finish is important enough for a designer to fight for, even in the face of indifference from peers on a product team (a situation that I’ve encountered many times throughout my career). Kowitz lays out a few useful arguments and offers helpful tips that might help other designers convince engineers, product managers and others that such attention to detail is not just “design for design’s sake.” Read the full blog post here.

By the way, in addition to having a great name, Design Staff is an excellent addition to the design discourse. Its impressive roster of writers have built many well-known and widely used digital products, and its mission — “Design Staff is dedicated to helping startups design great products” — is laudable. Since starting Mixel and immersing myself in the startup ecosystem, I can attest that many startups struggle mightily with the kinds of design issues covered here.


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