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Christopher Moloney prints out stills from movies, carries them to the real world locations where they were shot, holds them up so that the stills mesh almost perfectly with the scenery, and then takes another photo. The results look like this:


It’s beautifully done. See the full tumblr here.



  1. Coincidentally, there is a regular feature in Los Angeles Magazine called “Time Frame,” in which vintage pics of various L.A. locales are rephotographed in this very way in front of the place as it current is. (See one example on this page (it’s called “Well Read” and appears toward the bottom of the page). The feature is done by the mag’s research editor, Eric Mercado.

  2. Hi there,

    this isn’t related to your post above, but I was wondering if you know whether there is another spot to view this video of you talking about grids:

    I use your book as a reference grids in a web design class I teach at the University of Missouri journalism school, and I always do like to show that video.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    thanks, Rob

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