Deleted Scenes from “The Master”


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Last weekend I went to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest Very Important Movie, “The Master.” I’m not sure I can recommend it — it’s like spending two hours with largely unlikeable people — but personally I thought it was an amazing cinematic achievement. Anderson is a craftsman of the highest order, and every scene and shot is rich with artistry. It’s not a profoundly enjoyable movie, but you might enjoy it nevertheless.

The Master

Over at Cigarettes & Red Vines, they take note of the fact that “many, many of the scenes present in the film’s marketing did not make it into the finished film.” This blog post is an inventory of the clips prominently featured in the movie’s trailers; the writers also discuss how they likely would have fit into the narrative that was ultimately released. It suggests that there is at least a longer, more expansive cut that may one day make it to video or even to theaters. Count me in.