Gofor is a service that provides drones on demand. Download the app and summon a drone on a job basis to help you complete a variety of tasks such as location scouting, aerial visual documentation, personal security, telepresence, internet range extension and more. The team refers to it as “Uber, for drones.”

Drones are summoned much like taxis in other popular service apps. Your desired task is either noted at the outset using presets, or customized using voice commands. Once the drone arrives, your phone’s flashlight is used to pair your device with the drone. From there, it depends on the task, the object-based UI is very easy to understand.

The app looks like this:

Gofor App
Gofor App

Actually, Gofor’s Web site, videos, app screens — its very concept — are all a goof. Gofor is a hypothetical business and its product don’t exist (yet). It all comes from the fertile imaginations of my friend Alex Cornell and his cohort Phil Mills. Drones are an obsession for them, apparently: they were also responsible for “Our Drone Future,” a video of mock drone footage made late last year. That project, like this one, is terrifyingly convincing.


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