A Battery in Your Wallet

A Battery Hidden in a Wallet, by Nomad

It’s unfortunate that we even have a product category just for batteries to recharge our mobile devices, but alas we do, so let’s make the most of it. Example: the exceedingly clever folks at Nomad, who have figured out ingenious ways to help you get a charge on the go by building cables and batteries into key fobs, carabiners and even things that someone should have thought of long ago but didn’t, like car chargers.

Their latest is a battery hidden into the spine of a leather wallet. It boasts a 2400 mAh capacity, enough for a single charge for an iPhone 6 or 6s. That’s not as much as lots of external batteries that are popular these days, but I bet the sheer value of always having this battery with you has got to more than make up for that.

Open View of Wallet with a Hidden Battery, by Nomad

Available at hellonomad.com.