1.1 Billion New York City Taxi and Uber Trips

NYC Taxi Drop-offs, 2009-2015

This stunning visualization of over a billion New York City taxi and Uber trips between January 2009 and June 2015 is just the most beautiful of a fascinating set of data analyses by developer Todd W. Schneider. He took a huge data set recently released by the city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission and dove into it with “a vengeance” to unearth a wide range of insights into how 21st Century New Yorkers gets around town.

Taken as a whole, the detailed trip-level data is more than just a vast list of taxi pickup and drop off coordinates: it’s a story of New York. How bad is the rush hour traffic from Midtown to JFK? Where does the Bridge and Tunnel crowd hang out on Saturday nights? What time do investment bankers get to work? How has Uber changed the landscape for taxis? And could Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have made it from 72nd and Broadway to Wall Street in less than 30 minutes? The dataset addresses all of these questions and many more.

Read his full report, including lots of revealing graphs and thoughtful commentary, at toddwschneider.com.