The Next Picture Show

The Next Picture Show Podcast

I never wrote about the unfortunate demise of The Dissolve, a truly wonderful site devoted to film criticism and news that shut down earlier this year. I was a regular visitor, soaking up its writers and editors’ cerebrally passionate reviews and essays about the full spectrum of cinema. That’s why I’m so happy that several of that site’s editors have just reunited to produce The Next Picture Show, a new podcast with a novel structure: each “episode” comes in two parts; one focuses on a contemporary movie release and the other on an earlier film, a historical precedent.

The first two-parter covers “Spotlight,” a superb dramatization of The Boston Globe’s coverage of pedophile Catholic priests almost fifteen years ago—this is very likely the best film of the year. Its counterpart is “All the President’s Men,” the modern classic of American journalism that dramatizes The Washington Post’s breaking of the Watergate scandal. Both discussions are substantive, witty and entertaining.

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