Wildcard and Adobe Comp CC in Apple’s Best of 2015

Apple’s Best of 2015 for iPhone and iPad

Wow, I’m incredibly humbled to discover today that two apps that I played central roles on—Wildcard and Adobe Comp CC—are included in Apple’s Best of 2015 roundup. Out of the bajillions of apps that were available in the App Store this year, the editorial team at Apple somehow whittled the list down to just twenty-five iPhone apps and twenty-five iPad apps. How they managed to do that, I have no idea.

Wildcard, version 2.0 of which we released in August, made it in at number nineteen on the App Store’s iPhone apps list. And in one of those inexplicable coincidences, Comp CC, which launched in March, also ranked number nineteen on the App Store’s iPad list—though it should be noted that we’ve since released an iPhone version of the app as well.

Both apps are free, so go download them if you haven’t already at trywildcard.com and adobe.com, respectively. You can find Apple’s Best of 2015 list at appstore.com/bestof2015, which will automatically launch the App Store on iOS or iTunes on OS X. And congratulations to the teams for all of the apps that made it on the list!