Patterns in Adobe Capture

Pattern Created with Adobe Capture

I’ve been having tons of fun with this new pattern making feature in the latest release of Adobe Capture, an iOS app that lets you take photos of design inspirations in the world around you and turn them into usable assets like brushes, color palettes, vector shapes and more.

These are a few examples of the patterns I’ve created recently, with their source photos in the lower right hand corner (I blurred out a co-worker’s face in the last one). Each took literally seconds—not even minutes—to make. You just open up the app, switch to pattern mode and aim your phone’s camera at something interesting. As you move the camera around, the pattern you’re capturing shifts—when you see the design you like you hit the camera button and it’s saved. The pattern is then instantly added to your Creative Cloud library and available for immediate use in Photoshop. It’s pretty close to magical.

Pattern Created in Adobe Capture
Pattern Created in Adobe Capture
Pattern Made with Adobe Capture